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Uwezo Youth Empowerment and ABLECHILDAFRICA

UWEZO Youth Empowerment is a youth led disabled persons organisation (DPO), run by and for young disabled people in Rwanda.

AbleChildAfrica is a UK based ccharitable organization dedicated to promote the rights of children with disabilities in Africa.

The partnership between UWEZO and AbleChildAfrica was realized in 2016 by an implementation of an educational supporting project for vulnerable children with disabilities in Musanze District in the Northern Province of Rwanda.

This project provides basic school material kids missed in order to got to school, train teachers on the provision of inclusive and quality education, bring parents/guardians of children to share experience and as well be encouraged to take responsibilities over the education of their children and as well

engage with sector educational officials to seek for sustainable solutions for the education of children with disabilities in their regions The project uses mentors with disabilities to follow up on the enrolment, progression and retaintion of children with disabilities in schools through home and school visits and coaching to kids their mentor.

The partnership also aims at initiating programmes that would broadly make children with disabilities both girls and boys enjoy and dignified and a happy life.