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Uwezo Youth Empowerment Affiliations Membership UPHLS

UWEZO Youth Empowerment is a youth led disabled persons organisation (DPO), run by and for young disabled people in Rwanda.

The Umbrella of Organizations of Persons with Disabilities in the Fight against HIV&AIDS and Health Promotion (UPHLS) is a membership DPO bringing together disability organization to promote health and economic empowerment of persons with disabilitis.

UWEZO’s membership at UPHLS is aimed at advancing the active participation of youth with disabilities in HIV&AIDS, Health and employability intitiatives undertaken by UPHLS.

We mobilize youth from across the country to participate in various sensitization events run by UPHLS and as well offer our youth inclusion expertize in health and socio economic empowerment programmes currently impelemented by the organization. UWEZO became a member of UPHLS in December 2015