Uwezo Youth Empowerment and Save the children prepared a 7 days training on Disability Right Promotion International, the focus was to equip the youth with professional tools to conducts interviews, research, to collect data, and to prepare a professional report that can be used to changes the lives of people with disability, this was the second time this training …


In the community event at Muko Sector Musanze District Uwezo Youth empowerment and save the children Rwanda in the project they have together called influencing national state accountability on the right of children and youth with disability in Rwanda, on this Tuesday they hosted the event by remanding the community and national states about their roles on the right of …

Center for Independent Living and Assistive Technology

Disability denotes functional limitation. Use of appropriate technology helps in reducing the effects of this limitation. Technology enhances capacities, and complements abilities. This results in enabling persons with disability to become a productive member of the society. The best example of this is the
Information Technology and how it is transforming lives of persons with sensory impairments.
Modern computers came into existence in the 20th century and since then have affected the lives of one and almost all. They are being used in every profession and have offered growth potential never experienced before. One of the salient features of the Personal Computer is that it stores information in digital format. This information can be expressed or conveyed in many different ways. The same piece of information can be viewed on screen in different sizes or could be spoken out by the PC itself. This feature has provided different alternatives to access same piece of information.

The goal of the Independent Living and Assistive Technology Programme is to empower Persons with disabilities to become

independent, skilled, self-reliant and productive members of the society. The Program is aimed at bridging the information and communication divide, multiplying opportunities to access information among persons with disabilities and creating an enabling environment to access work and employment through the use of modern adapted digital technologies.