Together with SAVE THE CHILDREN, Uwezo has conducted Awareness Campaign at Rusororo in Gasabo with purpose to change mindset of community members towards children and youth with disabilities. ! The Government of Rwanda has set different laws, policies to protect Children and youth with disabilities in order to include and access education and employment system with full accessibility manners. Let work together to remove barriers that hindering the participation of children and youth with disabilities.

Theater was the main activities throughout the awareness complain other Activities did ensure which made the a huge success.

In theater we have seen many people who have disability however state that the actual seizures do not impact negatively on their lives, but that it is the ignorance, stigmatization, discrimination and lack of  knowledge of society that impact very negatively on their lives. Due to the fact that society does not understand what disability is and people often fear the condition, they discriminate against people with disability, such as not allowing them to access basic services like education and employment, etc. This entails people with disability turn to be discriminated in the workplace, after having declared their status some may be demoted even though they are highly qualified for their jobs.

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