On 3rd December 2019 the world celebrates disability day, in Rwanda the celebration took place in Nyamagabe but each district has organized at district level. Uwezo Youth Empowerment has delivered certificate to 40 persons with disabilities who completed ICT basic skills at Uwezo ICT center. Uwezo also support 6 persons with visual impairment to get WhiteCane during the celebration of Disability Day.
During this celebration Youth with disabilities have been time to voice out issues and challenges that are hindering their performance within the community and district activities.

They also recommended the government to put policy that will facilitate the youth with disabilities and persons with disabilities in general to access employment services by having percentage number in the recruitment of employees at both public and private institutions.
UWEZO believes that everyone can participate and contribute to his/her community’s development when provided with relevant support and guidance and if WE, youth with disabilities, don’t go after what we want, we shall NEVER have it. United we stand and together we can make a difference so long as our potential can be explored.

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