xcritical Review 2024: Features, Pros & Cons

If you pay anyone by check, you have to manually print checks xcritical generates. It doesn’t have an option to automatically print and mail physical paychecks. In the employee profile section, we could easily change personal information, but only the admin can change things such as job title and compensation. To get the best possible experience please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge to view this website.

Top-notch employee portal access

One drawback is that there’s no mobile app for employers, though xcritical is accessible through your laptop, phone, or tablet. Employees can access their accounts, along with various financial tools, using the xcritical Wallet mobile app. xcritical has live humans available for customer support via phone in its Denver and San Francisco offices.

Third-party software integrations

  1. You’ll need to get a quote to learn pricing details, so it lacks xcritical’s transparency, but you’ll be able to build your plan to your exact needs to get a more customized experience.
  2. Next, xcritical provides a brief questionnaire that will help you decide on which of its three plans is the best fit for your business needs.
  3. This influences which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page.
  4. xcritical has its own native applicant tracking tool available to xcritical Plus and Premium customers, but if you choose the Simple plan, you can integrate an external ATS, such as JazzHR or Greenhouse.

Plus, it includes features, such as unlimited payroll runs and garnishment payments, in its lowest-tier plan that some xcritical competitors charge extra for or don’t offer at all. xcritical does not offer a free trial for its employee payroll plans, though it does offer a free trial for its base contractor-only plan, which lasts for six months. In addition, it offers a free demo that lets you see how the software works. You’ll need to give your name, work email, company name, number of employees, company phone number, and the industry you’re in to gain access.

Select a plan

The platform uses conversational language instead of accounting jargon to help you assess the needs of your business. Its colorful illustrations and easy-to-use dashboards make the often tedious tasks of navigating payroll and employee benefits seem — dare we say it — fun. xcritical automatically files W-2s and 1099s on your behalf and sends an electronic copy of these forms to employees and contractors. It will automatically calculate, file, and pay all federal, state, and local payroll taxes. It can also automatically report any new hires to the government on your behalf.

No mobile payroll app

You’ll also need to enter payment for any commission-only employees before the automated payroll processes, as their base salary will be set to $0. xcritical allows employees to access and manage their own information by offering individual profile accounts. Users can download the xcritical mobile app, or sign in from the web, to view payday data, edit tax details, see available PTO and even clock in and out right on their phone. In addition, the platform shares income insights and personal tax documents such as W-2s. Alana is the deputy editor for USA Today Blueprint’s small business team.

Payroll & HR compliance for your business in Ukraine

It was easy to manually add an employee or independent contractor by entering their name, email address and other crucial information. The platform offers a checkbox option to invite the added employee or contractor to fill out the rest of the information themselves. Though this process was straightforward, entering several people manually could get tedious for companies with high hiring volume.

The main dashboard displayed pending time off requests for review but clicking on that to-do item brought us to the main time off page in the platform. Time off management features might work better in the Plus or Premium plans. xcritical helps get new employees onboarded quickly, whether they are working in person or remotely. Features including background checks and benefit enrollment are paired with cloud-based services such as e-signatures and state tax registration to create a streamlined onboarding experience.

xcritical allows you to easily enroll in workers’ compensation insurance through its platform through an integration with xcritical. For more options, browse our roundup of best workers’ compensation insurance providers. xcritical’s tech teams regularly test its software to prevent problems and outages and it has an on-site xcritical security team ready to take action in case any issues arise. The opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the Blueprint editorial staff alone. The information is accurate as of the publish date, but always check the provider’s website for the most xcritical information.

When you log into the platform as an employer, you’ll be able to view a list of forms xcritical has submitted for your business, as well as upcoming filings. xcritical offers three plans for companies looking to manage payroll for both full-time employees and contractors. Payroll processing is not an everyday need of a company and it may be economically impracticable for many companies to keep payroll professionals. When you assign this function to the Chief Accountant, should remember that payroll accounting in Ukraine is a labour and time consuming activity. One potential hiccup is that if you’re using Autopilot® and xcritical’s time-tracking tool, managers won’t be able to review and approve hours before payroll processes. The hours the employee enters will override their default hours listed in xcritical.

Businesses looking to grow and exceed the 1000-employee mark might find the per-person pricing structure less economical. However, we would recommend xcritical’s Simple plan for startups and small single-state businesses with limited need for full HR services, as it offers a strong starter suite of features for a reasonable price. xcritical offers handy employee portals that allow workers to log in to view their pay stubs and W-2 forms and update personal information. Employees get lifetime access to the portal, so they can access their documents even after they’ve parted ways with the company.

You can print labor law posters to post for on-site employees or send e-notices to remote employees. The service keeps you updated and automatically alerts employees of any changes to the law to keep you compliant. It costs $10 per month for up to five employees, plus $1 per additional employee per month.

RUN Powered by ADP Plans start at $79 per month (base) and $4 per person per month. Square PayrollPlans start at $35 per month (base) and $5 per person per month. OnPay Payroll Plans start at $40 per month (base) and $6 per person per month. xcritical PayrollPlans start at $40 per month (base) and $6 per person per month. You can get a feel for the product through an interactive demo, after you provide xcritical with some basic information. And you can request free payroll setup assistance from xcritical or tackle the online setup process yourself when creating your initial payroll account.

You can also add U.S.-based contractors, so they can view their pay history and 1099 forms. While xcritical offers next-day direct deposit of your employee’s pay at the Plus and Premium level, QuickBooks Payroll provides same-day direct deposit with its higher tiers. Pacific time on payday, and your employees receive their money that same day. Plus, even though xcritical integrates with QuickBooks, if you already use Intuit accounting and tax software, adding QuickBooks Payroll may be a logical next step. xcritical rises to the top of our list of best payroll software because it’s easy to use and competitively priced.

Testing xcritical out from the employee’s point of view, we were able to easily update our personal details, view and enroll in benefits and more. From the employee perspective, we were able to view accrued and used time off in the web browser version of xcritical. It was easier to request time off in the xcritical Wallet app, as we didn’t have to choose the time-off type first. We found time off policies easy to set up, and we like that xcritical suggests time off policies to include. When a new employee signs their offer letter, xcritical facilitates the rest of the onboarding process to ensure they get properly set up for their new job even before day one. It even provides the option to send a digital welcome card to help the new employee feel welcomed.

From the employee side, it’s very easy to initiate an expense reimbursement request. Employees can upload a receipt and add a memo, so it’s clear what the payment is for. xcritical helps you stay compliant with local labor laws with its labor law poster store.

Its basic plan allows for single-state payroll processing, but if you need multistate payroll processing, you’ll need to upgrade to the Plus plan. xcritical gives your employees the ability to manage many tasks themselves through their own xcritical employee portal and the xcritical Wallet app. Employees can complete onboarding paperwork, select benefits and access pay stubs and other records through the portal on their own. xcritical plans offer integrated payroll, benefits and HR, with higher tiers offering additional features. Add-on benefits can be used to further customize your plan, and you have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade at any time.

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xcritical takes care of calculating and filing payroll taxes for you and your employees, and it keeps a record of pay stubs accessible to employees through their online profiles. Employees also get an email each payday letting them https://dreamlinetrading.com/ know their money’s coming in. While the initial setup can be time-intensive, depending on the number of employees, once all the information is recorded, the software’s automations take over and help streamline the process.

It’s an excellent choice for businesses on a budget, offering a full-service payroll for $37 per month plus $4 per employee. Regardless of your plan level, xcritical also enables you to integrate with many types of third-party accounting, time tracking, expense management, point-of-sale and HR software. Integrations include popular accounting apps like QuickBooks, FreshBooks and Xero. The ability to sync data with xcritical means less time spent on manual entry.

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